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What We Make

What We Make

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  We are passionate about making products that are all-natural as possible.  We make an assortment of bar soaps using natural base oils, essential oils, and kinds of butter. Some bars may have fragrance oils and/or colored cosmetic grade mica's that are safe to use on the whole body including the face. (mica colorants are similar to what is used in most make-up)

  Using commercial soaps over time leave your skin dried out or to oily and feeling like its never clean. Natural handcrafted soap that only uses natural ingredients can restore the moisture to your skin while still getting you clean.  You will be amazed at the difference!

  We are here to help, so please ask questions. If you have skin needs we can make recommendations or even create a unique recipe to fulfill your needs. Custom scents may also be requested.


Natural Ingredients

  Making handcrafted soap from raw ingredients requires three ingredients to become soap: oil, water, and lye. It is the chemical reaction between these ingredients that turns them into soap. Most soap also has other ingredients added to provide benefits to the soap, the color, or the scent.

 Handcrafted soap-makers can formulate soaps using all types of base and specialty oils to make their unique "perfect bar". Our handcrafted

soap is made in small batches using a cold process, so as not to damage the beneficial qualities of the oils. 


  We select the finest quality pure natural oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, hemp oil, palm oil, and apricot kernel oil to name a few. We also use rich butter and rich oils like coco butter, shea butter, honey, and castor oil to enhance the moisturizing capabilities of the soap. Certified sustainable oils are used so as not to impact the environment such as are palm oil. 




 Natural herbs, essential oils, and safe fragrance oil can add to the soap's scent. Natural herb powders, clay's, mica's, and pigments add color to our soap as botanical's and other natural ingredients add texture and exfoliate.


((people with nut allergies should beware of the ingredients in our soaps ))   


  NO ADDED PARABENS: parabens are a type of preservative used to prolong shelf life in many health and beauty products. Parabens allow products 

to survive years in our bathroom cabinet; however, when you use these products, they can also enter your body through your skin and remain in your tissue. 

 * Parabens are believed to disrupt hormone function by mimicking estrogen. Too much estrogen can trigger an increase in breast cell division and the growth of tumors, which is why paraben use has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues.  

  True soaps made from oil, lye, and water don't generally require preservatives. You will rarely find preservatives of any kind added to handcrafted soap.                

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